Who We Are

Meditech was incorporated in 2000 with the vision of work in Health Care services. Meditech is certified ISO/IEC: 27001-2013.

With over 20 years of Experience, we have earned our reputation for reliability, integrity and responsiveness.

Meditech has successfully processed hundreds of millions of pages leading to enormous amounts of savings to its clients. So you can trust us to deliver.

Why Us

Our Core Values

Experience and Expertise

  • Our tools, know-how and best-practices come from 20 years of working with the biggest IME companies and law firms in the world.

Lower costs and improved productivity

  • Our large clients have told us that they are able to save 70% on the cost of doing the same work in house.

Help our Clients Succeed.

  • Outsourced solutions at a fraction in house cost.
  • Increase productivity by acting as an extension to client’s team.

Provide the highest level of customer satisfaction

  • 90% of our clients are referrals
  • Most of our clients, largest IME and Peer Review Vendors have been with us for longer than 10 years
  • No Outsourcing or subcontract to Independent contractors
  • Virtually zero error rate

Loyal and happy employees

  • Average Tenure of employees at Meditech 8 Years
  • Due to low turnover we can assign specific employees to specific accounts thus minimizing the error rate
  • Every employee continuously learns and grows, Fun loving work culture.
  • All of our staff is trained with us in-house.


Meditech specializes in providing wide range of Healthcare back office services. We have 60 Clients in US, UK and Australia. Our clients are:

World’s largest Independent Medical Exam (IME) companies:

Our IME clients enjoy boost in productivity and lowering of costs by outsourcing this work to Meditech and get the cases quickly to the reviewer thus providing a quicker service to their clients and saving on reviewers’ time.

Law firms specializing in cases such as personal injury, medical malpractice and worker compensation:

Our law firm clients are able to reduce load on in-house paralegals and able to get to the most critical points of the cases easily and quickly with records sorted, indexed, bookmarked and hyperlinked by Meditech. Not to mention, these costs are typically overhead costs at most law firms which can now be a chargeable cost.


We offer our services to Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Examiner/ Company, peer review company, Law Firms,  Medical-Legal Consultants, Individual Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals, other Medical Transcription Companies, Insurance Companies, etc.