Medical Record Sorting Service

Medical Record Sorting Service

Meditech is a team of medical specialists with expertise and experience over 20 years across wide range of medical fields. And we totally understand the significance of having an organized set of medical records. Accomplishing that usually is a sizable task, and we are happy to help you with this. We offer high-level medical record sorting, indexing and categorizing services and deliver accurate and efficient results. 

We take your raw and unprocessed medical records, process them, and return an organized set. For most of our clients, we usually follow a standard process as shown below. This may have occasional minor tweaks depending on the intended outcomes. But we also customize the process to accommodate for any requirements that will need us to do so.

Here are a couple sample end results for your reference.

1. Sorted by Category, Provider, Chronology

2. Sorted by Chronology

In addition to the standard medical record sorting service mentioned above, we also offer the following optional services.