Meditech has consistently shown a growth of 150 % annually for the past 16 years. Our excellent customer base, quality work, dedicated and proficient employees have helped build a strong reputation for the company. We are currently looking for talented and hard working people to handle the increasing work flow. We have a tremendous growth potential and we expect to grow manifold in the next 2 years. This is an excellent opportunity for a fast career growth and gain diversified experience in Medical Transcription and Medical Record Sorting Services. We provide free relocation, attractive salary packages, free accommodation, free medical insurance coverage etc.


We have a training program that addresses these issues and is meant solely for our in-house requirements, both to provide refresher courses for our existing staff as well as to replenish the capacity available at our facility and to augment further growth.


At the same time the initial screening process must be elaborate enough to ensure that only the right candidate is selected. A training program must thoroughly prepare people not just in theoretical aspects but also to function in actual work environments.

With this in-house training program, we are able to recruit fresh young people and train them with the inputs needed to be a good employee for a healthcare services company. It addresses the inadequacies of courses designed for remote education of independent transcriptionists, billers, coders and AR callers and looks closely at the requirements of employees working in team at large establishments.


We provide systematic Healthcare training to our students that cover all courses and skills that is necessary for a student to become a trained Certified Medical Transcriptionist and Well oriented in Sorting of Medical Records.

English language experts conduct classes in American English Usage, VANAC classes are conducted by experts to make people understand the American accent and Medical Doctors conduct classes in Medical theory and language.


Skill required for working in Healthcare services company are:
  • Basic Knowledge of Computers.

  • Proficiency in English.

  • Good typing skills.

  • Good analytical strength.

  • Good listening, writing and comprehensive skill.

  • An Eye for details.